Namaste at Home? Practicing Yoga in a Studio or Online??

As restrictions begin to lift here in Scotland, gyms and yoga studios are re-opening their doors to members!


I know many of you are excited to return to practicing with other people and enjoy the social interaction and energy of practicing together! While also, many are not yet ready to be back in a studio, even with social distancing in place!

The good news is that it doesn’t need to be one or the other! Most yoga teachers and studios (including myself) will be offering their classes both in person and online! So whichever side of the spectrum you fall on know that we have your back and are working hard to create safe spaces to practice wither that be in a studio or online!

Benefits of Practicing in a Studio

  • Interaction with your teacher and other students
  • Better 2 way communication between teacher and student
  • Increased Motivation
  • Physical Adjustments (still not permitted with covid-19 guidelines)
  • Calming, Quiet and Spacious Environment
  • The Energy of Group Participation

Benefits of Practicing Online at Home

  • Convenience and Safety of Practicing at home
  • On Demand classes allow you to Practice at anytime of day or night
  • Different lengths of practices to suit your needs on any particular day
  • Encourages you to establish a ‘home practice’
  • Less likely to compare yourself to other people
  • More likely to listen to your body rather than try to ‘perform’ a pose

I think there are benefits to both ways of practicing and see the future as a mixture of both! With class numbers restricted you might not always get booked in to your favourite class so continuing to practice at home means you don’t miss out! While practicing in person with a teacher undoubtably has benefits to our asana practice that are hard to replicate online, I believe practicing at home encourages us to commit more regularly and helps to take our yoga off the mat and into our everyday lives!

So hopefully see you soon! On your mat! Wherever that may be??


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